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Futuremag Music is an online electronic music publication based in Australia. Since launching in 2015, Futuremag Music has built an enthusiastic team of contributors who all share a passion for broadcasting the incredible talent that the music world has to offer. With a primary focus on supporting emerging artists and showcasing established talent, Futuremag Music has been at the forefront of supporting the next generation of artists and creatives. Placing careful emphasis on quality over quantity, Futuremag Music aims to provide personable glimpses into the local and international music scenes.


We Are Futuremag Music

Senior Team

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Luke Byatt

Founder/ Editor (NSW)


Katy Roubin

Senior Writer/ Photographer (VIC)


Harry White

Senior Photographer (QLD)


Sean Tayler, John Sudario, Tatjana Hamilton, Keely Baker, Anchalee King, Sedric Mendoza, Tobias Moore, Laura Roberts, Josh Kouck, Zara Mutti, Justin Pix, Rachelle Pinto, Chelsea Shotton, Kathryn Farmer, Caleb Spark, John Harrison, Matt Beck, Rob Percy.


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