Hatchie - Sugar & Spice EP

Since the release of her debut single ‘Try’, Brisbane's Hatchie has taken the Australian scene by storm. Now the muso has released her Sugar & Spice EP, a kaleidoscope of feel good vibes.

Hatchie opens their Sugar & Spice EP with ‘Sure’, a previously released single with a clear shoegaze reinvention in mind. For the band’s second single, ‘Sure’ was so widely appreciated that it earned a remix from Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins, one of the most well-known shoegaze bands of all time. In only seconds, the track manages to create an atmosphere of pure infatuation before the vocals even begin. Almost immediately, ‘Sleep’ introduces gushing vocals that builds upon the blended, fuzzy guitar riffs of ‘Sure’. In a warm, breathy grin, lead vocalist Harriette sings “just come see me in my dreams, now I’m smiling in my sleep”. Title track, ‘Sugar & Spice’ delivers a captivating and surreal sugary rush. Out of the entire EP, it’s ‘Sugar & Spice’ that features the most bubble-gum pop influence and is the least grounded in reality, devoting the song to feelings and fantasy. Synth-heavy single ‘Try’ was the debut single for Hatchie. A year and a bit on, the single still hasn’t lost its magic.  The track still fulfils my ears and heart with a cinematic love song with poignant lyrics. Closing track ‘Bad Guy’ plays out in the same vein as ‘Try’. A romanticising of reality that infuses the sweet indie-pop with sharp, jaded yet real lyrics, “I am backwards, and I feel stupid, I’m watching you back away”.

The beauty of Hatchie’s dream-pop is the subtle contrast of sharp lyrics against the soft and undisturbed, hazy state of the sugary sweet instrumentals and vocals.