Nocturnal Tapes - All I Need

Think the euphoric vibes of Tame Impala, the catchy riffs alt-j, and soothing vocals of Saint Motel all mooshed together with some of your favourite lo-fi electro and you'll get the cosmic aura of Nocturnal Tapes.

The duo from the Northern Rivers have been building up their musical repertoire with each boogie worthy release.  'All I Need' is an eclectic track that ascends into a semblance of euphonic beauty. Nocturnal Tapes have nailed this one.

We're excited to catch the boys when they go on tour throughout October and November! You can secure your tickets HERE

‘All I Need’ is about the pressure I had previously put on myself to become successful and the breakthrough moment when I realised that I already have everything I need; everything else is just a bonus. I try to remind myself of this everyday as I find that this unnecessary pressure I used to put on myself, just clouds judgement and creativity
— Nocturnal Tapes
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