Samsaruh - Gunpowder

Samsaruh has shot back into our soundsystems with an explosive new single ‘Gunpowder’. If you love Bishop Briggs' power house vocals and Royal Bloods rambunctious rhythm, then you'll love this one by Samsaruh!

'Gunpowder' pairs Samsaruh's compelling vocals with a high-octane production, that soars like a rollercoaster. Between the buzzing of grunge-rock instrumentals, Samsaruh rules in a track that contains such an edgy, dynamic thrill. While it could have been easy for ‘Gunpowder’ to falter in its complexity, the track sounds fresh and ecstatic. The distortion and anger through-out ‘Gunpowder’ comes across as raw and genuine. 'Gunpowder' is more attitude heavy than Samsaruh's previous releases, showcasing her versatility and maturity as a musician.

We’ve seen that Samsaruh write subtle yet catchy pop-ballads, but here her adaptability is written on the walls for all to see, and boy it pays off! We can't wait to see what Samsaruh brings to the table after this banger.