Young Franco x UV Boi - A Gig To End All Gigs

Words by Luke Byatt,
Photography by Jethro Do Paco,

A gig to end all gigs, is probably one of the best ways I can describe Young Franco x UV Boi’s final stop of their Aussie tour. Welcomed by a home town crowd in Brisbane, it’s certain that everyone was vibing to the max. Besides the fantastic music, people, and venue at The Triffid, the gig was one of the most organised, well planned, and thought-out shows I’ve been to! Here’s my recap of the evening accompanied by photos captured by Futuremag Music’s Jethro Do Paco down at Young Franco x UV Boi’s Sydney stop.

Arriving at the Triffid around 8pm I was welcomed by upbeat grooving tunes of Tyler Touché; a mix of classic electronica, remixes, and his originals. The range of Tyler’s set delighted everyone in the room, alternating from a happy innocence to more mature, grooving pieces; diverse, and beautiful.

Progressing into the night, Golden Vessel composed an ambient set mixed in with some upbeat electronica, a perfect complement, and introduction to Young Franco’s magnificent mastered, and crafted set.

A silent anticipation fell amongst the crowd, minutes before Young Franco came on stage, any little movement from the side stage door resulted in a shift of restless attention. Then the moment came, the Brissy boy slipped onto the stage and a ripple of excitement travelled through the crowd and he did not disappoint. I was left in absolute awe, as chill, buoyant tunes filled the venue! EVERYONE was dancing in their own nondescript style, mine included. That said, there were some solid moves from a couple of guys, and girls up the back. Young Franco truly knows how to work a crowd, even the under 18s, up in the gallery were popping off. A new generation of music fans were treated to a stellar gig that will surely consolidate their love of music! I can’t express the ecstasy, that Young Franco’s set transported me into; a literal out of body experience, brought on by a master of his trade; manipulating nu disco melodies, and vibes with surreal beats.

Closing out the gig was another local legend, UV Boi. UV’s understanding of underground party scene sets him apart from other producers. Dark, grimey beats, with textured synths and intricate melodies moved the crowd’s mind-set into a euphonic euphoria; a true testament to the young producer’s skill.

The passion, and the collective undying love for music is probably the best way to describe the vibe at Young Franco x UV Boi’s Brisbane gig. A wonderful crowd, magnificent musicians, and Brisbane’s most revered live music venue combined to produce an incredibly enjoyable experience. All in all, a fantastic way to close a national tour.

A special thanks to Of Leisure, Tyler Touché, and Young Franco for inviting me to cover the final stop in the tour!