SLUMBERJACK - Maximum Vibes


Words by Luke Byatt,
Photography by James Matthews,

Ahhhh University O-Week, a time to get loose before knuckling down for the semester. At Griffith University, Gold Coast this was no exception, a week long party, and an introduction to university life. Special guests SLUMBERJACK, Feki, Golden Vessel, and DJ Taleena graced the students with some absolute bangers. A lineup worthy for a festival!

Opening the night was Griffith Uni's own, DJ Taleena. Her bass-centric tunes brought in the early arrivers with a deep, booming, and rhythmic set. A talented young gun laying down the bass, and bangers, keeping the party pumping all the way throughout her set.

Progressing into the night, Brisbane chillers Golden Vessel (Max and Connor) took the stage, a mixture of textured ambience, and upbeat electronica vacated the crowd's mindset from "Party 101" to one of euphonic tranquility. I always love seeing the boys perform on a lineup of DJs, they always provide a nice little mixup in the night. Max, and Connor's set was the calm before the storm; scratch that... It was the perfect calm introduction to the typhoon of formidable and hard hitting performances that were about to go down. 

It was time to turn up the intensity to 100% as Brisbane local, Feki took the stage and never looked back! Dark, grimey beats, paired with elaborate synths, and sophisticated melodies flowed through the campus. Playing a mixture of his originals, and remixes, Feki further divulged the party atmosphere, definitely winning over new fans!  I thought I knew what to expect with Feki's set as I have seen him perform before, but I was wrong. It was journey of emotions, mainly pure ecstasy and joy; Feki has a talent in blowing your expectations out of the water! 

A little fun fact for you, Feki has been one of my favourite producers for some time, and is always a delight to listen, watch and dance to. You should check him out!!! ;) 


Slumberjack have had a huge 2017 thus far, a rememberable highlight was their sets at FOMO Festival. FOMO was created in 2016 by renown tour management companies BBE and OCD; you can read our write up on FOMO Festival 2017 here. The Perth duo are set for greatness in the coming year with the 'Fracture' Tour with the support from Sydney producer, Kuren.

The widely loved duo entered through the back door, the crowd roared with hysteria. SLUMBERJACK owned the stage, and worked the crowd perfectly. One thing was for certain, everyone was vibing to the max; dancing in their own quirky, modern, and impressionist style... Mine included. Their set was composed of RL Grime, Flume, Nero, Hermitude, and a multitude of their original tracks, each track building upon the previous. Closing out the set with 'Fracture' the crowd erupted with cheers of exhilaration, chanting "One More Song."  I wouldn’t be alone in saying that I had goose bumps at that point, everyone was beaming.

Thanks to DJ Taleena, Golden Vessel, Feki, Slumberjack, and their management teams!

Special Thanks to Cameron from Griffith University!