Allday Speeding Tour - The Tivoli, Brisbane 18+


Fiery, fun and rad, describe the atmosphere of Allday Chubbyboy’s show at The Tivoli, Brisbane on Saturday 29th of July. The Adelaide born artist wrapped up his ‘Speeding’ tour to an ecstatic crowd and boy, it didn't disappoint!

Support acts included Brisbane’s homegrown princess Mallrat, the stunning Nicole Millar and the intriguing Japanese Wallpaper.

The punters had their tickets scanned, stocked up on a few beverages and secured themselves front row positions, it was clear that the passionate crowd were ready to vent their energy on a night of music.

Kicking off the evening and with no time to waste, Mallrat’s funky logo lit the stage. DJ Denims' enthusiasm got the party vibes going, as Mallrat skipped out and asked the crowd, “How are you guys doing tonight? I’m going to be playing a couple songs for you, is that alright?” The cheers roared from the fans.

Phones lit up to capture the performance. I was eager to see Malllrat live, as I had heard nothing but great reviews. There were plenty of loyal fans with Mallrat merchandise floating amongst the sea of punters.

“I can only say this because we’re in Brisbane right now, but I skipped school one day and went to Ben’s burgers that’s down the road and I wrote this song,” said a giggly Mallrat, as she began the tune ‘Sunglasses.’ Mallrat closed her funky and quirky set with ‘Uninvited’; further uniting an energised the crowd.

The stage backdrop changed to Nicole Millar's luscious lips logo. The crowd’s vibe was immediately electrifying. Nicole sashayed out onto the stage wearing a funky bright yellow banana spilt crop-top. Along with the crowd, I danced uninhibited, when Nicole and Peking Duk’s collaboration ‘High’ was performed. The whole crowd sung in union and moved euphonically to the beat. Leaving us on a ‘high’, Nicole finished with her tremendous 2016 single ‘Tremble’. Nicole Millar is, without doubt, a seasoned performer, with a melodious voice that captures the soul of the audience.

The third and last support act for the night was Japanese Wallpaper with a set that was the calm before the storm. Japanese Wallpaper’s fans can be best described as dedicated enthusiasts of indie-electro. The tranquil voice of Gab resonated throughout The Tivoli. The crowd were captivated by the performance, standing in near silence during the songs, but roaring in appreciation after each one.


Throughout the evening the atmosphere of the venue increased with intensity and anticipation. The room became jam packed for Allday’s performance. Ladies who conquered wearing their high heels for the support acts had taken their shoes off, ready to cut footloose.

Allday jumped out on to the stage with a natural confidence, seemingly entering his natural habitat. Fans positioned themselves onto each other’s shoulders, glow sticks were thrown on the stage and the room had gone berserk.  In a blink of an eye, The Tivoli was rollicking! As soon as Allday began ‘Sides’ you could hear nothing but punters singing the song along with him. It was pumping. Arms swayed from ‘side’ to ‘side’. Allday invited the lovely Mallrat back onto the stage to perform ‘Baby Spiders’ which has been a personal favourite of mine since its release. Allday also welcomed Japanese Wallpaper back to perform their collaborated song ‘In Motion.’ The serene performance toned down the atmosphere, but it wasn’t long before Allday stepped up the groove with ‘Claude Monet'.  Allday closed out the show with the well-known banger, ‘You Always Know The DJ’ before thanking everyone for coming to his last leg of the tour. The crowd went in an uproar and there was love all around.

After ‘Speeding’ through his tour, Allday has left nothing but good vibes and an energetic ambiance to everywhere he’s visited.

Check out our photo coverage of Allday's 18+ show at the Tivoli HERE.  All photos were shot by our head photographer Nick Carrogu also known as @SummerPoolClub.