Andy Ward Debut At The Foundry (Dad Review)

Ever since Andy Ward released his premiere single 'Drinks & Money' almost a year ago, Dad and I have become dedicated fans of the Brisbane producer's work. When the opportunity rose to attend Andy Ward's debut show at the Foundry, Dad began to pester me to tag along! The performance was beyond awesome! Dad loved the show so much he wrote his very own review!

Shooting the event was the awesome Summer Pool Club AKA Nick Carrogu (Futuremag Music Head Photographer)

By Richard Byatt

Step aside kids, this is my review.

Since Luke played me Andy Ward close to a year ago, I have been a massive fan. With sensational singles ‘Drinks & Money’, ‘Let Me Down’, and 'Gun Shy' Andy Ward is now embarking on live performances and I’ve been itching to see him.

The Brisbane experimental electronic music artist, has played his first ever gig to a dedicated and passionate crowd at Brisbane’s Foundry. The tag experimental is not justified, it would be very hard to improve on the polished performance I witnessed last night. Andy Ward is master in his self made genre. He is a accomplished performer delivering innovative, expansive sounds that are seamlessly mixed with visual representations of his music via projection screens… and on his head!

Andy’s electronic head piece has to be seen to be believed. To try and explain it would detract from its brilliance, you just have to go and see the show.

Even without the visuals, the music stands strong by itself.  However, when mixed with the visuals at the live performance, you are taken on a journey of light and sound. The gig was a pageant of sonic and visual brilliance for your eyes and ears. A sensory experience flowing through every vein and synapse.

Andy Ward is without doubt a master entertainer; his gig was the best trip I’ve had since the 80’s, but seriously kids, don’t do drugs, but do do Andy Ward.