Broods - A Peachy Production

It’s been a fantastic year for New Zealand brother and sister duo Broods. Not only did Georgia and Caleb release a summer time hit, ‘Peach’, it was followed by a stellar album, Don’t Feed the Pop Monster. The LP, captures Broods gorgeous, retro flair and catapulted their sound across the globe. I was lucky enough to catch Broods performing at the Eaton’s Hill Hotel, Brisbane.

Opening the night’s festivities were LA pop rockers, Moby Rich. The pair were exciting and energetic and brought their Arctic Monkeys-esque flavour from halfway around the world. Among their set of catchy original tracks was a raw and punchy cover of Weezer’s, ‘Say It Ain’t So’. Having seen their live show, I can assure you that Moby Rich are worth keeping an eye on! 

Before I knew it, the crowd had filled the ballroom and it was time for Broods to take to the stage. They eased into the set with ‘Sucker’ and a number of new tracks from Don’t Feed the Pop Monster. These early highlights showcased Georgia’s stunning voice and the project’s plush pop sonic. There were ecstatic cheers as Broods began to play the energetic, opening bars of ‘Hold the Line’, a fan-favourite off of their sophomore album Conscious.

Likewise, their performance of ‘Are You Home’ was euphoric, featuring luminous lighting arrangements that illuminated their vibrant yellow, and peach outfits. ‘Free’ had the crowd chanting along to the chorus, while Georgia danced around the stage giving all to her performance. The opening bars of ‘Bridges’ united the crowd in cheers, by the time the chorus hit all were in ecstasy singing along with the emotional and empowering lyrics.

‘Hospitalised’ featured lime green lighting as Georgia let loose, dancing around the stage, feeding off of the audience’s energy. ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ kept the energy intense before Broods launched into their final song for the night, ‘Peach’. It’s a track that I’ve championed before and one that was in our Top 20 of last year. Seeing it performed live was such an uplifting experiencing, as the soaring melodies and lush synths nailed the night’s danceable mood.

Luckily for us, Broods returned after an audience encore to perform, “one more song quickly” in the words of Georgia, before they played an extended version of ‘Couldn’t Believe’.

Broods’ Brisbane show made for an exciting night filled with cinematic music and one that satisfied my craving for a good dance.