Charismatic Charm & Fanbase To Be Reckoned With!

7-piece Melbourne band, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community recently launched their impressive debut single ‘Millennium Queen’. I had the pleasure of catching both Approachable Members, and Melbourne songstress, Zellow at the Night Cat in Fitzroy, as part of Melbourne Music Week.  

Producer and vocalist Zellow opened the night with a soulful and intriguing set. I was mesmerised as her sublime vocals flowed over brilliant beats. Although her set was downtempo, Zellow brought  lush, hypnotic works to life in an intoxicating array of euphonic productions. For having only played two shows, Zellow is an impressive and captivating act, who I cant wait to see more of.


From the moment Approachable Members took to the stage (all in matching yellow Adidas mind you) the energy in the room was poised at an exhilarating high. The band's charisma had everyone moving and this was further driven by the electric and entirely danceable tracks.  Approachable Members bright and brilliant personality shone through as their onstage banter peaked, resulting in members of the band jumping into the crowd to dance the crowd equally adored both the spirited performance and the infectious charm of the band.

The single, 'Millennium Queen' was a beautiful way to wrap up the night; deeply nostalgic and excitingly fresh. It was the moment the crowd was waiting for; beaming smiles, dancing, and singing encompassed me throughout the track's duration. Being amongst such passionate fans is a strong predictor of the future of this band. 

Zellow and Approachable Members formulated one of the most fun and memorable shows I’ve been to in a while. I look forward to seeing more from the two artists in the future.