Client Liaison x Luke Million - Uniquely Special

What happens when the masters of retro-indie-pop tour with the master of disco? You experience utter blissful perfection! That’s exactly what Client Liaison’s Diplomatic Immunity with special guest Luke Million turned out to be… Heavenly Perfection.

Attending both the Gold Coast, and Brisbane gigs I can assure you that Luke Million and Client Liaison are a dynamic match. The crew is a concoction of retro-synth, and indie-pop that can produce a massive grin on the faces of even the harshest of critics.

Opening the night at the quaint Gold Coast venue, Miami Marketta, Luke Million brought in the party vibes. The Marketta’s light show, beautifully complimented Luke’s performance, a highlight of the set! Million’s tool kit includes a drum machine, mixing gear, keyboards, and a god damn keytar. I can’t even emphasise how much I love that keytar, it extended the funk 1000-fold. A spectacular instrument, and should be part of every musician’s set up!

As an avid Luke Million fan, I was over the moon when his set included all his lesser known tracks as well as his hit singles ‘‘Transylvania Disco,’ ‘Light & Sound,’ ‘Fear The Night’ and of course ‘Arnold’ complete with a call out to the crowd to join in a group squat session. Luke also played my personal favourites ‘Archetype’ and ‘Midnight,’… a flawless set list!  That said we were all anxiously waiting for two songs… Can you guess what they are? Million’s most recent release ‘Back To The Rhythm’ blew everyone away; smiles, grins, and faces of pure ecstasy were everywhere as Luke pranced around. The lights transitioned from a moody shade of bluey purple to blood red! It was time for ‘Stranger Things’ an enigma; a supreme spooky, uneasy 80s horror theme…

The room was packed for Client Liaison’s arrival. The venue descended into darkness, chest hair was released from the confines of buttoned shirts, the crowd roared, and cheered as the masters of funk emerged on the stage! I heard one girl say, “Is it weird that my favourite member of Client Liaison is Tom Tilley with his sexy bass skills?” To that I say, no not at all. Tom is a hunk, and a great bass player! The stage presence of charismatic front man Monte, and vibe master Harvey cannot be ignored. The show they have created with choreographed dance moves, coordinated clothing (sporting Australian native animals and icons), melds into a world class visual extravaganza complimented by unadulterated funk. Along with Monte, Harvey and Tom, the forth member on stage, lead guitarist Geordie joined in seamlessly.

Apart from the band’s stunning style and tight stage show, their music is just as sexy! That’s the only way to describe it... Downright sexy, funk-tastic, brilliance! Synth pop mixed in with aspects of house, and even a touch of the Australia’s iconic musical instrument, the didgeridoo, blew me away. I thought I knew what was instore for Client’s show as I’ve seen them numerous of times, but my lord… I was blown away! This is certainly the best I’ve ever seen them; the Client Liaison team knows how to put on a show!


The whole set up, and the band’s grand ability to be outstanding performers, further progressed my love for the songs they played. Seeing the masters of their craft on stage and smashing their tunes was awe inspiring. ‘Off White Limousine,’ ‘Wild Life,’ ‘Feed The Rhythm,’ ‘World Of Our Love,’ and ‘Pretty Lovers’ stirred the crowd into a euphoric trance of in-descript dance moves.

I’m always leave on a high after experiencing Client Liaison. I’m incredibly excited to see them later this year at Splendour In The Grass, along with the talented and amazing Luke Million. Every performance is uniquely special and something that will remain with you for a lifetime!