Crooked Colours 'Vera' Tour - The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Crooked Colours embarked on their ‘Vera’ tour in Brisbane at the Woolly Mammoth last Saturday night. Liam, Leon and Phillip, the trio behind Crooked Colours, put on a spectacular show for the audience.

First on stage and full of enthusiasm was Brisbane based electronic artist Savoi, who appeared delighted to be performing in his hometown. Savoi’s performance encompassed luscious vocals and dynamic beats. The artist began with the track ‘Holding On To You’ where members of the audience rose from their seats to dance. Further into his set, Savoi played ‘On My Side’ that possessed a Caribbean vibe. Savoi closed out his set by covering LDRU’s track ‘Next To You.’ Savoi's set was a wonderful way in establishing the atmosphere, for the ecstatic night ahead.

MUTO hit the stage next and played to a room full of dedicated fans. The Sydney artist gained attention with his  single, ‘Say Nothing’. MUTO introduced a cheeky remix of Young Franco’s track, ‘Don’t U Want Me’, the crowd became captivated by the swift beats. Muto transformed into full power mode by displaying wicked visuals on stage that synergised with the beat of the tracks. To finish off the fantastic set, it felt as if I was back at a school disco when Muto hit play on his remix of Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around.’ The audience loved the disco vibe. Muto had certainly gained some new fans from his set, including myself.

To take advantage of the time before Crooked Colours hit the stage, the crowd streamed to the bar and stocked up on some icy brews. Afterwards, the venue became packed, everyone jostled and squeezed into any available space to see the stage. It wasn’t long until the stars of the night graced the scene and the cheers from the punters echoed around the Woolly Mammoth.

"What is up Brisbane?" exclaimed Leon.

There was no time for small talk, Crooked Colours were straight into the first song of the night, ‘Come Down.’ Boy oh boy, what a entertaining opener. The crowd roared. 

"You guys are f***ing legends! Thankyou for making this our first sold out Brisbane show!” said a cheerful Phillip, as he slurped down his drink.

Following on, the band performed ‘Come Back To You’ which showcased Phillip’s warm vocals. The atmosphere of the audience electrified when Crooked Colours crept into their title track ‘Vera.’ It was one hell of a jam session on the stage! ‘Vera’ flipped the stage upside down. I could feel the array of the instruments on stage create a wave of intense vibrant energy throughout the room. Leon barefoot on stage, seemed to be  infused with the music. There was a magical union between Leon's dance and the music.

"Shout out to the guys dancing on the tables,” laughed Phillip, as he pointed to the partying hooligans.

Special guest of the night was the incredibly talented Ivan Ooze. The rumble from the crowds peaked when Crooked Colours and Ivan sunk their teeth into, ‘I Hope You Get It.’ The audience recited every lyric to the song and it was a marvellous sight to see the crowd enjoy the performance. ‘I Hope You Get It’  is a personal favourite off the album. I felt enticed to boogie to the track.

All eyes were on Crooked Colours as they begin their second last song of the night. ‘All Eyes’ is a impressive track that was brought to life by the band members. Phillip's superb vocals, Liam's mellow drum beats and Leon's aesthetic synths created a masterpiece. All good things must come to an end and to finish a brilliant set, Crooked Colours performed, ‘Flow.’ This track flowed nicely into an incredible ending, but the fans wanted more. "One more song," the crowd chanted in unison. The atmosphere of the room grew heavy with expectation.


Crooked Colours wasted no time and came back onto the stage.  Not only satisfying the crowd with one more song, the band generously played two more tracks. The boys received nothing but applause and love from the audience, as they finished off on a ‘Perfect Run’ for the Brisbane leg of their ‘Vera’ tour.

When out of the spotlight, Crooked Colours personalities continued to sparkle when they met fans after the show to snap a photo or to sign merchandise. The party continued on all night at the official after party, hosted at the TBC Club. Crooked Colours will be venturing to Adelaide and Perth this week to conclude their wild ‘Vera’ tour before heading overseas to perform more shows. You do not want to miss out on their live antics!

Check out our photo coverage of Crooked Colours show at the Woolly Mammoth HERE.  All photos were shot by photographer Tatjana Hamilton also known as @tatjanahamilton on Instagram.