Doolie - A Force To Be Reckoned With

If you haven't heard of Doolie, you will very soon. The emerging artist has a plethora of a-grade singles under her belt, and an electrifying future ahead of her. I had the opportunity to see this up and coming performer at Miami Marketta on Friday. 

Doolie's confident, and upbeat persona, illuminated the stage. Her strong magnetic presence was supported by her drummer, and sister on back up vocals. Her show morphed the brooding sounds of BANKS, with the sass of Billie Eilish, and energetic vibrance of Sigrid, formulating an exceedingly entertaining set. Doolie has her own unique style that captivated the audience. 

The live performance of her single 'KØLD' was enchanting. The textured production, and provocative vocals emanated from the stage, expressing a sense of intimacy with the audience. These mellow vibes were soon replaced by the exuberance of 'Pristine'. The single is the perfect sass song boasting infectious production, vivacious vocals, and of course attitude. Doolie also teased a few unreleased tracks in her impeccable performance.

Doolie is an animated artist who is well on her way to rising the ranks of the scene. I can't wait to see where this pop star goes next!

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Photo by Summer Pool Club