Factory - A Vivid Night

The Factory is a collective of the next generation of Australian electronic/ indie pop creatives, hosted once a month at The Foundry, Brisbane. The event's launch, last Saturday was a massive success. Punters were treated to performances by Keelan Mak, FeelsClub, and Andy Ward, along with scratch DJs, and light projection installations; celebrating a vivid night of unadulterated sound, dynamic colour and textures.

Opening the night was the lush electro pop vibes of Keelan Mak. The performance was ornate, and breathtaking. The artist's combined live drums, keyboards, and crystal vocals flowed and reverberated around the Foundry's main hall. A perfect opener for an incredible night ahead.

It was clear that it was party central when Brissy rockers, FeelsClub slayed their set at Factory! The band brought in their attitude pop, which they lovingly describe as 'trash pop'. The crowd loved every second, grooving to each glittering guitar strum and rollicking riff. FeelsClub were the perfect crew to bring in the good vibes and to introduce the celestial ambience of Andy Ward.

Headlining Factory, was Andy Ward with his strikingly creative and unique electronic performance. The Brisbane based vocalist, and producer pushed the boundaries of art and music with his authentic take on live production.  Andy's voice is richly textured and supported by brooding beats, gently building synths and transcending textured harmonies. The performance delivered innovative, expansive sounds that seamlessly mixed with visual representations of his music, via projection screens, an illuminated headpiece and futuristic face masks worn by the band. Andy Ward is without doubt a master entertainer and visionary of electronic music. The perfect close for Factory.

You can check out the full Factory at The Foundry gallery, HERE.

Factory Fun Facts: 200m of aluminium foil, 10 tinsel curtains, two bubble machines, one 3D printed bust, one wibbly wobbly synth, three amazing acts, two scratch DJs, 300+ balloons, one camcorder, one 1990s TV, and one vinyl French lesson!

Sounds fun hey? You should come to the next one!