Flight Facilities - The Return Flight

After a long hiatus, Sydney electro duo Flight Facilities have returned to the stage for their 'The Return Flight' tour. Taking off in Sydney late last month, the tour graced the Groovin The Moo festival before flying into Brisbane's inner-city aircraft hangar, The Triffid on Wednesday night.

Flight Facilities weren't the only ones exhibiting their musical mastery throughout the night, Melbourne's charismatic composer Alice Ivy opened the night's festivities as the energetic support. The sample heavy performance was coupled with progressive percussion, grooving guitar breaks, and Alice's animated vocals. Playing a selection from her debut album I'm Dreaming such as, 'Touch' and 'Chasing Stars’ the musician warmly welcomed the arriving music lovers.

From previous Flight Facilities performances an expectation of a gradual build, blossoming climax, blissful end fluttered throughout the audience. However, a glitch heavy edit to 'Intro' track indicated that something more was at play. An eruption of cheers ensued as Hugo and Jimmy entered the stage at The Triffid, a triumphant return for the pair. Electric edits of Flight Facilities classics such as 'With You', 'Stand Still' and 'Foreign Language' drove the core of the set, elevating the jovial crowd to new heights with each mirthful moment.


Live renditions of 'Stranded', 'Sunshine', and 'Need You' courtesy of powerhouse vocalists GRAACE and Ric Rufio were exhilarating, as each lyric resonated with carolling fans. A mid set club breakdown ramped up the intensity, as Jimmy and Hugo melded clandestine composition with live modular synths, bass, keys and vocoded vocals. Hints of the 'Clair De Lune' instrumental, toned down this stimulating segment, prompting GRAACE's entry to sing the cult classic. The Triffid was illuminated with lighters, and torches as the poignant production, and GRAACE's whimsical voice drifted through the audience.

As a disco rework of Donna Summer's 'Love to Love You Baby' played out, Flight Facilities closed out their set thanking everyone for coming out, along with shout outs to certain ardent audience members. As the music tapered off, Jimmy's parents were invited onto stage as Hugo and Jimmy again thanked their fans, family, and friends for the support to help achieve their dreams. A fitting end to a fun filled evening of entertainment.

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Photos by Kathryn Farmer.