FOMO 2018 Brisbane Recap - Bigger & Better

A vibrant crowd, a lush lineup, and Queensland’s renown sunny weather graced the river city for FOMO's third year in Brisbane. FOMO kicked off its festival circuit at Brisbane’s iconic River stage before departing to Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne. The FOMO crew know how to throw a party, with the festival being bigger and better than ever before!


Opening the stage this year was the alluring ambience of Akurei, followed by the rollicking rhythm of Dena Amy. Nina Las Vegas turned up the party with her frantic club bangers, that was complimented by Stööki Sound’s terrific trap and Drezo’s boisterous bass. The Kite String Tangle dialled it back a bit with his self-made remixes, introducing Tourist, who paved the way into the afternoon sets of SZA, and Post Malone. The soulful vocals of SZA and Post Malone’s grooving gusto guided the River Stage into the evening’s festivities. Kaytranada danced his way into everyone’s hearts with an infectious set. ZHU, and RL Grime closed out the festival with their vivacious sets, and audio-visual masterpieces.


Even though every artist blew me away there were a few standout sensations.


Brisbane’s own Akurei opened up the festival with his lowkey electronica. FOMO was the artist’s first ever live show as Akurei, and it was a spirited set! I highly recommend catching this act next time he plays! Akurei is a master of his craft, and is well on his way to becoming one of Brisbane’s success stories.



Sydney vocalist, and producer Dena Amy wasn’t really on my radar until now. Her grooving set was a perfect introduction to the day and a cheerful surprise from an artist I didn’t know much about. I’m definitely a Dena Amy fan now and I’m keen to see her live again sometime soon!



I’ve been waiting a good two years to catch the one and only Nina Las Vegas live, and ohhh boyyyy it was worth the wait! High octane energy is the only way to describe Nina’s stage presence and her set as a whole. Special guest, Kota Banks threw down some pure unadulterated fire with the track ‘Holiday’! It’s certain I’m not waiting another two years to see Nina live, I might just pack my bags to fly to Sydney FOMO.



Tourist’s set was utterly euphoric. Pure excitement flurried throughout my veins, as I watched an artist I’ve been admiring since I fell in love with music. Tourist’s set evoked butterflies in my stomach, something I haven’t felt since I first saw Flight Facilities live back in 2015. Throughout the set I sung my lungs out, and boogied my heart out. I can assure you that Tourist is one of the great entertainers of this time, and one definitely not to be missed.



Returning for his second FOMO Festival, RL Grime knew what the crowd wanted. The LA based artist brought in his trademark trap and thrilling production for the headline position. Streamers, confetti, pyrotechnics, and CO2 cannons; RL Grime pulled out all the stops! After seeing RL Grime at FOMO two years ago, it's clear that his live set has matured, and developed into something truely special. If you haven't seen RL Grime recently, its definitely something to get behind.


FOMO never ceases to blow me away! The teams at BBE and OCD (the guys behind FOMO) have continually built upon their successes in previous years, and constantly improve upon their external and internal setup. FOMO is without a doubt one of the most professionally run festivals within Australia. The attention to details and the passion that the teams bring to the table are apparent when you look around the venue, acts’ attitudes, and the smooth organisation that goes into running the event. I highly recommend FOMO festival not just for the great music, but also for the overall inviting community the festival has created.

You can view the full FOMO Brisbane 2018 Gallery, HERE.