JOYRYDE - The Ryde Of Your Life

Eljae, Yvng Jalapeño and ODD MOB, what a support lineup! Hidden away in the corner under the staircase, the lead-up to Joyryde felt like a verified rave. With no effects and little lighting, the DJs had to make their music do the talking. The bass was thick, the drops were heavy, you couldn’t ask for anything more than that. Transitions as smooth as peanut butter between songs and DJs kept the energy peaking throughout the night.

To be honest, eljae nearly stole the show for me. Her mixes were amazing! The sheer variety of peaks and build-ups, sampled from every style of EDM, rap, rnb, pop and alt. Flawless performance. It’s evident in every drop why she won Your Shot Brisbane 2016. For me, all she needed to be the headliner was the stage production. Like a steak, that was well done.

Yvng Jalapeño and ODD MOB were equally flawless. Giving exactly what I expected of them. Smooth sets of peaked energy. Not to take the title away from 360, but Yvng Jalapeño was the hectickest. As the night played on and the speakers turned to flamethrowers; Yvng Jalapeño earnt his name.


To be blunt. There’s not much you can say about ODD MOB and his sets that isn’t already known. The hype is real. I honestly almost didn’t want ODD MOB’s set to end when JOYRYDE was about to come on.

JOYRYDE. What a ryde it was. The first thing you notice after the curtains rise, and you have to notice it, there’s no avoiding it, the C.A.R Production! One of the most stunning DJ stage productions I’ve ever seen. A behemoth, taking up the stage from one side to the other and making it more than halfway to the ceiling. The C.A.R Production alone was nearly worth the price of admission. Then you realise the second thing, BBE weren’t kidding, JOYRYDE’s crowd-control is insane. From the very first drop the crowd was in his hands, and he never let go. Not even when tech failed and the music cut out momentarily, he knew how to keep the crowd energy permanently peaking.

JOYRYDE went hard with the bass, and even harder with the Stage FX. Each drop sent a shockwave through the crowd, everybody was moving, front to back, left to right. JOYRYDE’s fans were mad and amazing; though the crowd was only big enough to cover most of the ground floor, literally every single person in the room went wild for every drop. It was hard to tell who was more excited to be there, the ecstatic fans, or JOYRYDE, with his beaming smile every time his fans went wild.