Mallrat - Rising The Ranks

Over the past few days, Mallrat, “The Rap Princess of Brisbane” toured the Australian east coast at sold out all-ages shows. I was lucky enough to score myself a ticket and witness Mallrat’s infectiously bubbly personality in Brisbane's Foundry Records.

Mallrat opened her show with older tracks ‘Tokyo Drift’ and ‘Suicide Blonde’, which perfectly encapsulate her charisma. As Mallrat danced and grooved throughout her songs, it was clear that performing is her passion. Not only did Mallrat pull out all the stops with her stage presence, she delighted the crowd with fan-favourites ‘For Real’ and ‘Uninvited’. The Brisbane based MC also delivered beautifully crafted covers of Drake’s ‘Pop Style’ and Lily Allen’s ‘Who’d Have Known’!

A standout moment of Mallrat’s performance was the live interpretation of ‘Bunny Island’, a PC pop, and bubblegum rap masterpiece initially produced by Sydney musicians Oh Boy and Donatachi. A core aspect of the single is Japanese rap, where Mallrat encouraged the crowd to sing along with her. When fans learn a different language to sing along, you know you have an artist that’s going places.

Mallrat is an artist rising the ranks of the music scene, and she's bringing her fans along for the ride. 

Photo by  Laura Roberts  at Mallrat's show in Melbourne.

Photo by Laura Roberts at Mallrat's show in Melbourne.