Paces ‘Creepin’ Tour – Woolly Mammoth


Although not the headlining the night, it didn’t seem to phase Muki, who played and behaved as though everyone came to see her. For those who turned up early enough to see this bubblegum pop machine, it was near impossible not to move to her contagious, bubbling tunes. Made especially hard when she jumped off stage to pull the straggling, booth-dwellers more focused on protecting their drinks (and possibly identities) in the shadows of the Mammoth Stage. Muki definitely gave off one of the most memorable audience interactions I’ve ever witnessed.

"The Vibe Bringer" would be Feki's Game of Thrones style title. The perfect act to lead into Paces’ set; Feki raised the bar and then some, his set was mixed with dark, forward-pushing beats punctuated by deep drops, uncommon but effective throwback tracks and a truckload of mood. If you were only there during Feki’s set to get a good position for Paces, not knowing anything about Feki, then just like me, you received an unexpected but much appreciated sweat/dance sesh.


Coming to the Woolly Mammoth I was keener to see Paces than I was for payday. Having caught his set at Splendour in the Grass 2014, the Ship To Shore Album Launch Party, and his follow-up Elsewhere show, I knew I was in for a good night. I was especially keen to see the blow-up Elephant ripped straight from the Creepin-single artwork. Which for some reason was never named. It probably would’ve been called Elly McElephantface, so big loss guys… an elephant sized loss.

From the moment he came on stage, Paces dropped figurative and literal heat, with every track more fire than the last.  With the venue burning up, no one was going home (or calling the fire brigade!) in any state less than drenched – if their legs could carry them there.

Bangers in Paces’ arsenal for the night included notable fire-tracks: 1993, Nothing’s Forever, as well as his incredible remixes of 'The Buzz' (Hermitude), 'Dance the Way I Feel' (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool), and 'Keeping Score' (LDRU), Paces’ style fitting in seamlessly with the original track style. after relentless teasing throughout the show, the tour namesake 'Creepin' and fellow single 'Savage'.

If this list of bangers doesn’t make you wish you were there (or back there), Paces also dropped three massive unreleased tracks, each one sending the room wild in their own respect. It was such an exhilarating experience being able to hear unreleased tracks, made especially memorable as they were some of Paces best mixes to date.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Paces set without the PaceyPosse Dancers and some wicked featuring artists. On this particular tour Paces used the talent of support act Muki, as well as the special guest vocalist for the tour, Woodes. Together they performed Woodes’ Set Mo feature 'I Belong Here' not only were her vocals gorgeous and captivating, but her outfits too, the uniqueness of Woodes is inexpressible, definitely one to keep an eye on.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Paces is one of the best Australian acts out there at the moment, in both his musical content and energetic live performances. With only a minimal (but not lacking) set-up Paces commands an audience like no other.

If it wasn’t already over, I’d highly recommend going to a Creepin show. However, since it is, and the wait for another tour is unknown, I leave you instead with some news… New Paces tracks have been hinted for an early 2018 release, including some of the tracks from the Creepin Tour (Going Mad and Don’t Run) and a track I personally cannot wait for Tempest, a Paces x Gladiator collaboration.