SEVDALIZA Australian Tour - Sultry Euphoria

Iranian-Dutch singer and producer SEVDALIZA descended onto the Australian East Coast over the weekend for a series of spectacular shows! I had the opportunity to head along to the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane to see her live.

Entering the stage under the cover of darkness, SEVDALIZA's vocals emanated throughout the venue, creating a sense of awe and anticipation. When the spotlights illuminated, SEVDALIZA  appeared as a ghostly figure. The flowers wrapped around the microphone accompanied the dreamlike aura. SEVDALIZA had commanded attention, with a strong stage presence. This carefully considered on stage entrance, soon erupted into exuberance, as the audacious production kicked into gear. As SEVDALIZA removed the microphone from the flower sculpture, she was joined by an entrancing dancer. The stage had been set for an exceptional evening.


The strobe lighting effects perfectly complemented the interpretive dance, beautifully crafted by SEVDALIZA's stage partner. The commanding purposeful demeanour of SEVDALIZA was supported by the edgy persona of her dancer, resulting in an unrivalled chemistry. The ethereal ambience of tracks such as 'Marilyn Monroe', or 'That Other Girl' were divinely translated into a live set. This sentiment can be extended to SEVDALIZA's whole catalogue with her orchestrated performance.

SEVDALIZA's sultry, and euphoric artistry was utterly enrapturing, and a symphony to the senses. There's a reason this performer is the top of the class! I highly recommend catching SEVDALIZA's phenomenal flair, and ornate production live whenever you can.

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