Sigrid - Norwegian Pop Princess

On Friday night, Norwegian pop princess Sigrid descended upon Brisbane in an exclusive Sydney City Limits sideshow.

Arriving early, it was clear that Sigrid’s fan base would see her perform rain or shine – in this case, torrential rain. The vibe amongst the audience was upbeat and contagious; die-hard fans excited to see their favourite songs live.

It was especially exciting to see a lot of Norwegian audience members, many of whom sung in Norwegian while waiting.

The opening act, Exhibitionist, produced beautiful synth-heavy electropop and had amazing chemistry with each other and the audience. Highlights from Exhibitionist’s set were their cover of Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’ and an original track, ‘Being a Woman’, a powerful punk-rock, feminist ballad that was inspired by the 2017 Women’s Marches. Overall, their set amped up the audience for Sigrid.

Sigrid emerged at the beginning of her set with a perky attitude and dinosaur socks. She performed a number of unreleased songs that I can hardly wait to listen to, in addition to fan favourite songs ‘Plot Twist’ and ‘Strangers’, that the audience belted into.

Sigrid’s acoustic gem ‘Dynamite’ was a standout of her set and led into an elongated applause for the singer. Sigrid closed her set with ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, an absolutely endearing party pleaser which closed out the night with a bang!

Sigrid is one of the most exciting acts emerging from Norway and I am so excited for new releases from her.

You can check out our full gallery of Sigrid's show HERE.

Sean Tayler