This That 2018 - An Explosive Experience

The scorching heat didn’t dampen the mood at this year’s This That Festival in Newcastle. The boisterous beats of LUUDE, RL GRIME, GODLANDS and many more flourished through Wickham Park’s lush aesthetic.

Kicking off my festival experience was Samsaruh. The ascending act moved and grooved the crowd with her soaring singles ‘Speaking Fire’, and ‘Beautiful Killer’. Samsaruh commanded the stage with vigour, and an alluring charm.

Maintaining the fiery aura over at the “That” stage was Adelaide bass front runner, GODLANDS. Thrashing breakdowns threw themselves off the decks and into the stage’s turbulent mosh. After witnessing GODLANDS at This That, it’s clear she’s going to be one of Australia’s next big electronic exports.

Samsaruh at This That by  @mitchlowephoto

Samsaruh at This That by @mitchlowephoto

GODLANDS at This That by  @zennieshia

GODLANDS at This That by @zennieshia

Thandi Phoenix transformed the pop locking beats into an approachable pop ensemble. The musician’s swinging sounds complimented her charismatic canter across the “That” stage. Each element of Thandi Phoenix’s set was precise, polished, and most importantly entertaining.

The festival soon progressed into its heavier soundscapes. LUUDE and Herobust compiled sets packed with brutal beats and murderous melodies. The response from the crowd at the “That” stage was just as furious, as heads banged and moshes ensued.

Just A Gent continued the crisp cadence with his stylish future bass and succulent synths. A standout moment from the muso’s set came when Samsaruh joined Just A Gent on stage. The pair’s rambunctious rhythm reverberated through the “That” stage’s enclosed canopy. The collaborative spirit was sustained with Brisbane’s The Kite String Tangle’s sensational set. Inviting Thandi Phoenix to the stage, the duo elevated the atmosphere with their infectious semblance.

Wrapping up the “That” stage’s soaring selection of sets was New Zealand’s international export, Broods. Singer, Georgia Notts fought through extreme sickness, delivering an impeccable performance, delighting their Newcastle fan base.

Trap and bass kingpin, RL Grime exceeded expectations with his audacious set. Playing at the “This” stage, the LA based musician’s headline position shone with intense luminosity.

Capping of This That Festival 2018 was unparalleled fireworks display. An explosive conclusion to an incredible experience. I can’t wait to see what This That Festival holds in 2019. Special thanks to This That for supplying the images, and to GYROstream for lining this up.

Broods at This That by  @zennieshia

Broods at This That by @zennieshia

RL Grime at This That by  @zennieshia

RL Grime at This That by @zennieshia