Tourist - An Exhilarating Experience

Over the past month UK producer and composer, Tourist has made his way around Australia celebrating the release of his sophomore album, Everyday. We reported on Everyday prior to the tour which you can read, HERE. We also had a chat to Tourist, which you can delve into, HERE.

On Thursday, March 14 Tourist wrapped up his Australian tour in Brisbane’s The Flying Cock in superb fashion. Supported by the multi-talented Dena Amy, the night was jam packed with sensual sonics and emotional electronica.

Dena Amy opened the evening, inviting patrons into The Flying Cock’s coop with introspective beats and bass-centric ballads. The artist’s ability to nail a diverse array of styles has positioned her as one of Australia’s most versatile performers. Dena Amy’s charismatic aura was a perfect prelude to Tourist’s alluring atmosphere.


When Dena Amy left the stage, the crowd continued to grow as Tourist’s set time loomed.

The audience’s anticipation intensified as the Englishman peered from side of stage before bounding himself to the decks. The accomplished act’s elating electronic soundscapes swept through The Flying Cock’s halls, as the luminous lighting display flared and the smoke machine billowed. Some of the attendees might say the machine pumped out a bit too much smoke as the venue’s fire alarm blared for about 15 minutes. This minor mishap didn’t disrupt the masterful musician, as he continued to flawlessly mixed track after track. Tourist’s professionalism and dedication to his craft was a sight to behold, as he manipulated his studio recordings into verdant vistas for the live show. Blending a selection of his older releases with cuts from the Everyday LP, Tourist journeyed his way through his distinguished discography. Personal favourites ‘Waves’ and ‘To Have You Back’ from Tourist’s debut LP, U were given a spin, while ‘Emily’ and ‘Love Theme’ were pulled from Everyday.

All in all, Tourist’s set was an exhilarating experience that touched the depths of my soul. There aren’t many artists that I gush over, but Tourist is certainly one of them. I can’t wait until he’s back in Australia.

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