Vera Blue - A Stand Out Performer

As the beauty she is, Vera Blue decided to grace us in Brisbane with her presence twice for the Lady Powers tour, stunning fans over two massive nights at the Tivoli.

The Lady Powers tour brought its name to life, not only in through Vera, but also her amazing supports Kira Puru and Alice Ivy, who each gave uniquely powerful performances. Kira Puru’s groove-centric pop lit up the opening set, inviting fans to mingle on the dance floor. Alice Ivy followed suit, enticing the crowd in further by pumping the room with funky guitar sounds and upbeat percussion. Her distinctive use of samples and delightful dancing hyped the crowd for an unforgettable night.


From the moment Vera stepped on stage, she had the audience captivated with her splendid vocals. Her beautiful outfit (courtesy of Jana Bartolo) coupled with the two levelled screen stage design gave fans an equally impressive visual show to witness. The set presented Vera’s striking vocals on a bed of electric synths, driving percussion and grooving guitar bass lines. The set featured a mixture of old and new songs, with a primary focus on the Perennial LP. ‘Lady Powers’ and ‘Regular Touch’ were crowd favourites, bringing the room to life with everyone signing along, as colourful lighting arrangements complemented.

The standout of the night was Vera's alluring acoustic performances of ‘Said Goodbye to Your Mother’ and ‘Mended’. Her hauntingly beautiful voice softy swept its way into fan's hearts. I found myself lost in a trace with goose-bumps for the entirety of these songs.


Vera Blue is the stand out performer of this generation! Her vocal range and ability to seamlessly move from emotional acoustics to electric dance hits and everything in between was phenomenal. I was utterly entranced, from the first cord to the final verse. Vera Blue and her team composed an unforgettable night of heartfelt vocals, feel good beats, and vibrant visuals.

Photos provided by Futuremag Music photographer, Harry White.

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