Vera Blue - Coastal Charm

Vera Blue gifted the Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta an early Christmas present with her Coastal Tour. Supported by rising pop star, Sam Bluer, and rhythm king, Kwame, the coastal tour was an enchanting introduction to the holiday season. Myself and Futuremag Music photographer, Keely Baker headed along to Miami Marketta to see three of Australia’s rising names.

Opening the evening was Sam Bluer’s lush lyrics. The muso’s buoyant character cascaded through Miami Marketta’s halls as he performed a selection of sensational singles from his diverse discography. Sam Bluer laid the jubilant foundation for the evening’s forthcoming festivities.

There’s a reason Kwame is rising to the top of Australia’s hip hop scene. The lyricist prolific' persona surged unbridled as punters gathered in awe. Commanding the stage, Kwame’s impeccable flow became apparent as the set transitioned from lo-fi ensembles to garage bangers. Kwame further cultivated the hype by inviting fellow MC, Lauren to the stage. The pair spat fire, engrossing onlookers into a euphonic trance. Kwame’s high energy essence was the perfect introduction to Vera Blue’s vibrant set.


Entering the stage under the cover of darkness, Vera Blue’s band, comprised of Sammy Telford, Dave Jenkins Jr. and Ross James, ignited a frenzy among the eager fans packed into Miami Marketta. A luminous light display synced to the crescendoing beat, raising the anticipation of Vera Blue’s entrance. Through roaring cheers, Vera Blue promenaded onto the stage. The Sydney based artist’s live appearance resonated as clear as the studio recordings, as the sincerely structured set list furthered Vera Blue’s immersive performance. Vera Blue’s personable and appreciative nature sung as she gave praise to her supports, band, venue, and everyone who attended. Stand out moments from the accomplished artist’s set included an impressive instrumental interlude, phone torches illuminating the stage for ‘Mended’, and ‘All The Pretty Girls’ becoming a giant sing along. Closing Vera Blue’s Coastal Tour at Miami Marketta was the lavish lyrics and powerful production of ‘Lady Powers’. Vera Blue’s refined performance boasted confidence, grace, and empowerment. It is only a matter of time before she’s achieves mainstream international fame.


Having seen Vera Blue on a number of occasions (and the pleasure of interviewing her), I am continually blown away by her stage presence, professional demeanour, down to earth nature and personal callouts to all those involved with the project. Vera Blue’s Coastal Tour was a phenomenal night filled with great music, and whimsical vibes. If Vera Blue, Kwame or Sam Bluer are in your vicinity, I highly recommend seeing them live.