Yeo 'Desire Path' Tour - Amplifier Bar

Kicking off the night early was Angus Dawson, who brought the room to silence. From the intimate nature of his textured electronica and smooth vocals, to his warm stage presence, Angus showed of tracks from his recently released EP as well as some earlier singles.

Perth duo Feels, were outstanding! Where do I even begin? Not knowing a huge amount about the duo, I had no idea what I was walking into. But wow, I was completely blown away! The set was crammed full of energy and oozed impeccable rhythm. They were clearly completely in the zone as they flew through their seamless set of funky electronica. I also believe that their set up was built on top of a small blue foam surfboard – which in itself is brilliant. Feels are definitely one to keep an eye on if this set was any reflection of what they’ve got coming


To put it simply, Yeo crushed it. Every single track was performed with incredible integrity and passion. From the moment he stepped on stage until the spontaneous encore, the room was captivated by Yeo’s every move and melody.

The crowd had matched Yeo’s energy by the second track, songs including Know that Feel got the whole room jumping, and the onstage chemistry between Yeo and his drummer enhanced the charisma and enthusiasm of their set. Plus, add in a welcome funk element in Yeo’s brilliant keytar, and you’ve got the diverse and intricate nature of his show in a nutshell.

Fantastic lighting and visual effects, that ranged from technicolour to kaleidoscope patterns of all sorts, added to the already exciting sonic soundscape to top off the set. Getting Angus Dawson up to sing help out on Chasing Shadows, Yeo received praise and applause from Angus for being the “sweetest and humblest guy in the music industry”. Angus wasn’t the only special guest, Mosquito Coast’s Naomi joined the duo on stage for two tunes – her dreamy vocals bringing a fresh take and texture to the tracks.

It’s a rare but exciting experience to see rising artists from the eastern states make the trip over to Perth, but incredibly rewarding to see such a responsive and eager crowd at those shows. This was no exception, with Yeo commenting “I can see some of you singing along to the lyrics… my heart is so warm”, and members of the audience making remarks like “Have you seen Yeo before? He’s brilliant!”.

There’s no forgetting Yeo’s brilliant vocals and musical talent too. From pitch perfect, soulful vocals on every track, to his flawless performance on bass, keys and keytar. There’s no doubt that Yeo is one of the most talented and passionate up and coming producers in the country right now, so it’s fantastic to see that talent translate to his live set.