Remixed: Love Like This (Feat. Lastlings)

By Caspar Harvey & Luke Byatt,

Indian Summer's "Love Like This" featuring the wonderful voice of Amy from Lastlings took the music world by storm when it was dropped a couple of months back, and the track definitely made it into many people's #Hottest100 lists for 2016; solidifying it as an absolute banger! It is a well know tradition that any bloody banger needs to have ripper remixes, and reworks done on it; this is exactly what has happened with Indian Summer's track! It's time to pull out those tune rags, and froth bibs, and to listen to some sexy beats.

The package has been graced with an exciting selection of remix aficionados including Kry Wolf, Lewis CanCut and Bart B More, each one providing an exhilarating edit on the original.

Bart B More is the first to step up, and immediately injects the track with serious dance floor energy. Combining a lethal recipe of hyped rave stabs, warped bass lines, and chopped vocal he expertly builds the composition into a chain of genre bending drops.

Next up is Kry Wolf, one of the UK’s biggest underground players who have made a name for themselves with their distinct production style. No strangers to remixing, and still on a 4/4-house tip, their effort takes a more proven rhythmical excursion. The duo underpin the movement of the track with a wholesome and playful bass line, whilst the melodic top line and emotive vocal merge gracefully together, acting as the adhesive that moulds this solid composition together.

Reigning from Melbourne, Australia, and recently signed to Nina Las Vegas' imprint NLV Records, Lewis CanCut, takes the track on its final journey. With more of an experimental take on the original, the Aussie uses loose disposition of percussion and synth-work to great effect. The crux of the track rides on the wonky synth that warps in and around the vocal, which makes for a refreshing take on an already playful record.