Kid Froopy - BB (Four Missed Texts) (Obseen Remix)

By Ella Barrett

Following up from remixes for Alison Wonderland + Lido, Disclosure and The Chainsmokers, Sydney-based producer Obseen has just released his fourth treat for the year, re-working Kid Froopy’s Moving Castle released single “BB (Four Missed Texts)”. Injecting thrilling guitar solos, playful synth melodies and deep bass kicks underneath Kid Froopy’s playful vocals, Obseen creates a remix that is electrifying and powerful, twisting and turning across the remix’s three-minute duration.

"If I'm being totally honest, my first thoughts on the entrance to this tune were, “I would totally have a candle-lit bath to this song.” Though of course, anything can change at the drop of a beat. All of a sudden the rhythms had my ears transporting my mind from the bathtub to an insane festival set. A jumping crowd and bright colours. Arm, head and full body movements occurring like a living surround sound. Obseen creates an awesome genre blend with the wicked guitar solo towards the song's end allows a fantastic dynamic and unique tone for the song to play and its listeners to hear. The overall production of the track included this change in such a way it truly completes the songs fantasy. Ultimately, I loved this tune, it made me want to get up and just dance- it allowed me to feel something through the imagery of each and every beat." - Ella Barrett (Futuremag Music Journalist)