Andy Ward - Drinks & Money

By Liz Ansley,

Introducing Andy Ward, enigmatic Brisbane musician/producer, multi-media artist, and creative visionary. 'Drinks&Money' is Ward's synth-driven debut, steeped in torment and fizzing with tense restraint.

Self-produced collaboratively with Levi Dowsett, the track's glitchy erraticism reflects an innovative yet minimalist approach to electronica. Propelled ceaselessly forward by a sense of heart-broken hopelessness, 'Drinks&Money' examines the desolation substance abuse can wreak upon interpersonal relationships.  Ward explains, "Craving what we don't have can destroy us."

Originally trained as a classical violinist, Ward describes his songs as "rolling electronic ballads" - but the music is only one element of this mysterious newcomer's art. With an immersive multi-media live show coming soon, and the promise of visual art installations as an extension of his craft, Ward is positioning himself as a pioneer of multidisciplinary creativity in the Australian music scene.