Mindsight - Birth By Sleep

By Luke Byatt,

Deep, introspective, painstakingly beautiful.

‘Birth By Sleep’ is the debut EP by Munich based producer Mindsight. I’ve known the man behind Mindsight for some time, and I know how much of a perfectionist he is… Mindsight as a person has spilled his whole heart, and soul into this piece.

You can truly feel the love, emotion, and attention that he has implemented into every minute detail of the ‘Birth By Sleep’ EP. ‘Wasted Lands,’ ‘A Fantastic Dream World,’ and ‘My Heart Is Still Beating To The Beat Of Yours,’ delves deep into the human condition without a single word spoken; a faultlessly crafted instrumental. Mindsight has seamlessly manipulated, mixed, and mastered various sounds to create something truly introspective, and thought provoking.

Swann Winther’s companion piece to the EP is just as introspective as the music:

By Swann Winther,

"Water, the soothing, vibrant liquid surrounding him.
Dense but friendly, asking, but understanding at the same time.
Full of life but still calm and quiet.

It was all around him, touching him, tugging him in.
That was sleep in its purest, most conscious shape possible.
He opened his eyes and greeted his deep, blue, drowning friend.
He sensed her movements in the deep distance,
the warm gentle stream smelled like her hair on an autumn day.

For a while he dwelled in complete silence,
then, he heard the first noise, a dark and trembling thunder,
roaring trough the quiet liquid, bouncing back and forth in his head.

The sky that lay behind the surface, when he looked up, was suddenly filled with dark, heavy clouds,
threatening him through the seemingly imprevious layers of thick warm water around him. 
What did this mean? The noise grew louder every second,
it had now become unbearably loud and angry.

He just wanted it to stop, confused he held his hands over his ears and looked up. 
Darkness had spread like a sickness and the water somehow began to move.
The calm home he had made himself in the floods started to shake,
as if it wanted to get rid of him.

He just wanted to escape his vast boiling prison.
He started to move his limbs, helplessly flinging them around,
to regain control over his body, he couldn’t.
Eventually he managed to urge his body to move upwards.

Then, through all the darkness and noise, he saw something coming towards him.
Floating and graceful in all of this chaos, it was her,
he knew it before he could even make out her shape.
She was as beautiful as he had remembered her.

He tried to speak, the words wouldn’t leave his throat, he was screaming.
Now asking her everything he had asked himself the last months,
but the circumstances of his watery dream landscape made all words disappear
in featureless bubbles speeding to the surface, their content lost forever.

Lightnings started to come down, lighting her face for split seconds,
he tried to grab her, pull her up with him, but he just couldn’t reach her.
She just peacefully looked at him, floating in silence.

He slowly ran out of air, but couldnt take his eyes off her,
nor could he move, his stomach tossed and turned,
all the months and worthless days and all his questions,
he would never get closer to any answer.

She was the closest thing to anything real he had.
Suddendly he started moving again,
clinging to the bit of life woven into the very fabric of his body.
He was almost there, about to breach the surface -

then he awoke."