LEØ - Young EP

By Jez Ryan & Georgie Wilkie,

LEØ, the musical project of Chloe Pilkington, Callum MacDonald and Joshua Black, have just released their Debut EP entitled ‘Young’, and it’s just stunning. The Brisbane trio have been working on the 4 track EP since the beginning of 2016 and have, after much anticipation, released it into the world.

The EP showcases the bands wonderful ability to craft electronically textured, atmospheric and sparsely beautiful songs. When paired with their delicate and intricate production throughout the release, the EP has a lovely, seamless flow through it from the opening track ‘Us’ right through to the fourth and final Track ‘Closure’.

Lyrically, each track expresses vulnerability and naivety, touching on the difficulties of love, relationships and wanting. There’s a beautiful story line that flows through all four tracks, with each also possessing a soothing and captivating quality to them.

“’Young’ is something we have been trying to piece together since the start of 2016. Originally it was going to be made up of our old songs, which included our first two singles ‘The Wolf’ & ‘Linger’ which were released in late 2015. As the year progressed however, we started using synthesizers and Ableton a lot more, which totally changed our way of writing, and the three of us are just so happy with the outcome of our very first EP.” - LEØ

All 4 tracks that made the final cut showcase the bands great dynamics, especially through the beautiful conversation existing between the two vocalists in the opening track ‘Us’. The track ‘Closure’ has a charming nature to it, with Pilkington’s raspy vocals progressively being accompanied by the atmospheric percussion as the track grows. It’s a beautiful close to the EP, particularly with the mesmerizing looping quality concluding the track.

LEØ have released a delightful first EP with ‘Young’. It’s poignant, relatable and full of stimulating and exciting sonic landscapes that are bound to draw them some attention as an act to watch in 2017.