Huntly - Songs In Your Name EP

By Vivan Vo & Georgie Wilkie,

Melbourne trio Huntly have just dropped their EP Songs in Your Name, and I’d safely call it one of the most captivating and textured releases of 2017 so far.

Comprised of Elspeth Scrine, Andy McEwan and Charlie Teitelbaum, the band describe their music as ‘doof you can cry to’, and they’re not wrong. This EP showcases the trio’s clever ability to create vulnerable and evocative electronic pop, while exploring the worlds of RnB and dance music.

The opening track of the EP Please sure hasn’t lost its intriguing nature since it was released as the first single 2 months ago. It skilfully crafts the dual vocal lines expressing the honest emotion of their writing, especially through the gorgeous vocal layering. It’s a beautiful taste of infectious electronic RnB that encapsulates the texture infused EP.

Lead by the beautiful calming vocals of Scrine, Kate’s Bed brings a softer note to the EP. It is full of rich, delicate moments and is continually captivating and lush right up to the 5-minute mark. The trio’s knack for creating the perfect balance between vocals and production is especially celebrated here. The track’s hypnotic, slowly drawing you in and pulling at your heart strings

Tempelhof is another RnB infused moment from Huntly, with an especially charming piano bass line. The track takes a turn at the 3minute mark and it’s is a brilliantly innovative and brave choice that has paid off. Coupled with the angelic, soft vocals that close out the track, it’s an extremely beautifully constructed tune that really rounds out the release.

Sydney powerhouse producer, Nite Fleit, known for her commanding industrial beat, has taken on the single Please to deliver a remix for the EPs 4th track. It’s full of sparse, open spaces, focussing on the eclectic mix of percussion and stripped back vocals. However, it’s the second half of the track where the track takes off with her focus on rich synths combining with Scrine’s echoing vocals.

Songs in Your Name is out now via Neat Lawn, both digitally and on limited edition 10” vinyl by Lathe Cut.