Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature - Out Of Love

By Caspar Harvey & Luke Byatt,

One of your favourite duos of all time, Two Friends have returned just in time for Valentines Day with their new one 'Out Of Love.' The single is just one out of the many rhythmic tunes that'll be hear on their forthcoming EP.

The production is both mature and catching, a testament to Two Friend's production skills. Classy saxophone pieces have been implemented masterfully throughout the duration of the track; paired with the delightful vocals from Cosmos & Creature progresses the tune to the next level.

"This might be our favourite song we’ve ever made. It all came together so organically and  was such a fun one to work on from the very beginning til the very end, which can be pretty rare. Brandyn and Molly of Cosmos & Creature were such a pleasure to get to know and write with on this one. And our friend Dave absolutely crushed it on the sax. This is a special one for us- after all, we’re naming the EP after it- and we are so proud to share it with all of you." - Two Friends