Indian Summer - Love Like This (Feat. Lastlings) MUSIC VIDEO

By Caspar Harvey & Luke Byatt,

Ohhhhhh boy! Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen, one of my favourite songs of 2016 has just been complimented by an exquisite music video! 'Love Like this' by Indian Summer, featuring Amy from Lastlings can be simply described as a masterpiece of electronic music, the depth of production is outstanding; now this superb tune is complimented by Oscar grade cinematography directed Liam Ozdemir. The video perfectly echoes the romanticism of the lyrics of Amy, following a young couple as they dance, play and chase each other through apartment blocks and on the sun-kissed beach.

"The Indian Summer clip was an exercise in guerrilla filmmaking - it was entirely unscripted. I feel like sometimes this creates an interesting environment to capture offbeat moments and things that you might not have seen if you were focused on a shot-list. Finding cool locations and having fun with your "actors" - bouncing off their personalities - presents opportunities that make for good film." Liam Ozdemir