Aeora - Fenceline

If you love the bewitching vocals of Banks, you'll fall for Melbourne songstress Aeora!

Lisa Spencer, best known for her work as Aeora has returned with a brooding, yet damn sexy tuner, 'Fenceline'. The track follows on from her stunning single 'Boss-y' that was released earlier this year.

'Fenceline' is one of Aeora's strongest vocal performances to date. Oozing raw unadulterated emotion that is fused with a grungy instrumental; 'Fenceline' evolves into an electro-pop masterpiece.

With each listen 'Fenceline' is further cementing itself as one of my favourite songs of 2017. I highly recommend catching Aeora at the Gasometer in Melbourne on the 19th and 26th of July.

‘Fenceline’ was created when I was thinking about a past relationship I had and how during parts of this relationship, I felt weak like I had lost myself. When it ended, I found myself trying to regain strength and fight for my identity. At times I felt like I couldn’t quite get there and rested somewhere in the middle. The story concludes, where I look at where I am now and how I’ve grown, kind of like saying “look at me now”
— Aeora