Airium - A Notion Between Waves (Feat. Hero Fisher)

One of my favourite producers and composers, Airium has returned with another succulent single, 'A Notion Between Waves' featuring the angelic voice of Hero Fisher.

I initially fell in love with Airium's vivid vistas in his debut 'Our Lives Together'. Airium furthers his ornate artistry within 'A Notion Between Waves' vast depths. Soaring soundscapes, lush lyrics and an over arching divine tone progresses the single to new heights. Each fluid note and exquisite ensemble swings and swells 'A Notion Between Waves' through its buoyant progression. Dainty and bare beats anchor the single in reality, resulting in a baroque formation that brims with elegant intricacies. Hero Fisher's magnificent melodies glide candidly over the grand design. 'A Notion Between Waves' ethereal aura flourishes and flows uninhibited, displaying why Airium is one of the best in the scene.

Airium and Hero Fisher are exquisite artists! I can't wait for another collaboration, and their individual releases. 

Press shot.jpg