PREMIERE: Airium - Our Lives Together

I'd like to say I have my thoughts together when writing about a track, but lord I've been wrong... UK based producer and composer Airium has released a track that's taken couple of days to dissect. Airium's debut single, 'Our Lives Together' takes the listener on a journey to a realm of sonic sensation.

Sparse synths guide the opening seconds of 'Our Lives Together,' as distant sub beats drive the progression. The single builds upon vacillating vocals, and the crisp composition erupts into an ensemble of radiant resonance. Strings pan in and out of existence along with subtly interspersed percussion. The break down is near impalpable. Airium has constructed a superlative soundscape that legitimately transported me to a place that exceeds my comprehension. 'Our Lives Together' expertly returns to reality, as absorbing vocals chant in amplitude. Empyreal elements restore, closing the track.

Airium has done what most spend years striving to achieve in the ambient scene. 'Our Lives Together' has made me loose complete cognisance and enveloped me in unparalleled world of musical pleasure. 'Our Lives Together' is such a pleasurable listening experience, I can't wait to hear what else Airium has in store for us.