Amastro - Inhibitions

Sydney’s Amastro has burst into 2018 with a fresh new single, ‘Inhibitions’.

With energetic vocals and high octane production, Amastro has revealed an inhibition for creating beautiful and fun electropop jams. It’s a fun and unique pairing of vocals and synth-heavy bass that leads ‘Inhibitions’ to sound like a more relaxed version of a song that you’d expect to hear from thrash-goth favourite King IV. In this sense, Amastro is following an exciting trend of grungy, edgy electronic tracks but there’s something special about the energy in his voice that keeps ‘Inhibitions’ feeling fresh and unique.

Amastro is forging his way to becoming one of the greats rising the scene. We can't wait to see what he's going to release next.

AMASTRO_2018_By Joel Tinker.jpg