Andy Ward - Gun Shy

How could you not love Andy Ward?

The Brisbane based multi-instrumentalist has constructed a brand new sub-genre of electronica.  Haunting and emotionally rich melodies, paired with dynamic soundscapes has set the foundation of Andy Ward's exceptional unparalleled sound.

'Gun Shy' is a bold and passionate protest song, exploring the reaction to generational disconnect. Andy Ward's distinct style is fashioned through ravishing vocals that are infused with tantalising instrumental layers.

Andy Ward is without a doubt one of the most unique producers in the electro scene! Keep your eyes locked on this exquisite musician, he's definitely going to change the game.

Our generation is currently under fire for being liberally minded lazy, smashed avo eating lay-abouts who won’t do anything if it’s too challenging. This could not be further from the truth! We will not leave, we will not be made scapegoats and we will stand up for justice, liberty and harmony. We are not Gun Shy!
— Andy Ward

With Skye Neil, Sleep Club and special guests at The Foundry


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