ANTIGEN - Slip (Feat. Marni)

Adelaide’s immense musical talent is often overlooked. That said, there’s no bypassing ANTIGEN’s infectious debut, ‘Slip’ featuring Marni released via Global League.

‘Slip’ is your signature future pop release jam packed with buoyant beats, lavish hooks, and grooving production. ‘Slip’ sets itself apart from its contemporaries through thoughtful and precise production, crisp vocal stems, and a stimulating mix. ANTIGEN gradually introduces elements into the single’s the soaring soundscape with forethought to the cascading climax. Marni’s vivacious vocals promenade through the dynamic composition, propelling ‘Slip’ forward.

ANTIGEN and Marni are only two of the exciting up and comers signed to Global League! I can’t wait to see what else the independent dance label has in store.