Austen - Anthem

Brisbane based musician, Austen has returned with ‘Anthem’, a phenomenal piece of poignant pop. I’ve been a huge fan of Austen since her debut release ‘Faded’ back in 2016, and in the words of triple j Unearthed’s Dave Ruby Howe, “We Austen followers call ourselves AuSTANS…”

Austen thrusts a darker and contemplative atmosphere to ‘Anthem’s forefront, whilst retaining her signature earworm hooks. Produced by Archy Stranger, the track sweeps with sensuous synths, vast pads and a baroque beat that combines seamlessly, complimenting Austen’s vivid vocals. Austen’s stirring vocal arrangements are on full display as ‘Anthem’ erupts into its captivating chorus. ‘Anthem’ is another step forward in Austen’s flourishing career, and a tell tale sign of her future.

Austen has announced an east coast tour to compliment the release of ‘Anthem’, I can’t wait to see this legend up on stage!