Austen - Passenger Seat

Brissy superstar, Austen has just released her debut EP, Passenger Seat. Buckle up because this record is poignant journey into the heart and soul.

Passenger Seat is cathartic release of tension and emotion built up over a course of a relationship that ultimately came to an end. Austen has been teasing the EP’s six tracks over the past year in her live performances. Now that the EP is out in the world, we can listen to the magnetising recordings on repeat, rather than crumby live set phone recordings. From the opening seconds of Passenger Seat, Austen established a compelling climate and succulent soundscape for the remainder of the EP to blossom upon. Familiar releases, ‘Anthem’, ‘Too High To Cry’, and ‘Money’ all make appearances within the Passenger Seat’s bounds, now with the heartrending weight of the EP’s collective sonic. Two new singles (plus and introductory track), ‘Young and Numb’ and EP title track, ‘Passenger Seat’ elevate the ethereal atmosphere Austen has generated throughout the album’s duration.

Austen’s Passenger Seat EP is a pop album for this generation. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for this astonishing act.