Austen - Storm

Songstress, Austen has just released her brooding electro pop masterpiece, ‘Storm’. Spoilers, it’s absolutely phenomenal!

‘Storm’ is one of Austen’s strongest vocal performances to date. Swirling synths are meticulously mixed with intricately designed beats, and eerie bass forging a haunting soundscape. This “A-Grade” production allows for Austen’s vocals to sweep throughout the track with finesse and grace. From the opening moments, the enchanting vocal edit enraptures you into a euphonic trance that’ll stick with you long after the song’s completion.

Listening to ‘Storm’ is an emotional experience. It’s evident that heart and soul was poured into the track, and the message was exquisitely executed. This is a testament to Austen’s skill as a vocalist and writer. This raw, unadulterated emotion can be heard in her first release back in 2016 with ‘Faded’, and each subsequent release. That said, Austen has not only met my expectations with ‘Storm’, she’s far surpassed them!

It’s only a matter of time before this talented young gun rises her way to the top of the game. Be sure catch this legend on tour with Golden Vessel and The Kite String Tangle, she’s not one to be missed!