Azusena - Shiva (Deafkulture Remix)

Do you love melodic electro pop? Well, Azusena and Deafkulture have you covered with the 'Shiva' remix. 

Azusena's original rendition of 'Shiva' presents a muted, vocal centric production that explodes into a wondrous whirlwind of melodies. This characteristic composition is further capitalised in Deafkulture's remix. Deafkulture mixes Azusena's soothing symphonies in with a subdued vocoder resulting in a dynamic vocal arrangement. Much like the original, the remix's sultry soundscape flares, but this time the single implements a choppy, glitch driven breakdown.

On their own Azusena and Deafkulture are adept acts. I'd love to hear another Azusena and Deafkulture collaboration, along with their individual releases.

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