BAYNK - Off Limits (Feat. GLADES)

Breakthrough New Zealand producer, BAYNK has just released his new single ‘Off Limits’, in collaboration with Australian pop sensation Glades.

‘Off Limits’ is an electro-pop masterpiece, that showcases BAYNK’s ability to embrace modern musical innovations. This forward thinking production is rendered by the sweet and unique sounds of GLADES’ vocalist/guitarist, Karina Wykes. A buoyant beat carries ‘Off Limit’s fluid energy forward, giving crisp pace to the track. The instrumentation in the single provides a complex texture, resulting in a heavenly soundscape. ‘Off Limits’ is a precursor to BAYNK’s upcoming EP due to drop sometime soon, and if BAYNK’s previous releases are anything to go by I’m sure it’s going to be incredible!

I can’t wait to hear more from BAYNK and Glades, as the musicians continue to make leaps in their respective scenes.