Benji Lewis - Home For Now EP

Aussie muso, Benji Lewis has been a pleasure to watch this year. The artist has teased track after track from his Home For Now EP, before finally dropping the whole EP earlier this month. The EP uncovers reflective experiences, a sense of belonging and place and explores the  journeys in life. The sheer emotion expressed by Benji is not only captured by his enchanting voice, but also through working collaboratively with indie electronic producer, Golden Vessel.

Home For Now is a seven track EP that transports the listener on a contemplative musical voyage.

‘Drift’ captures the luscious intonation of Benji’s voice and harmonious beat.  ‘Drift’ is a song that’s devoted to Benji’s love of being in the sun and by the water and this establishes a reminiscing tone. The track allows the listener to experience a sense of bliss and serenity.

‘For You’ begins with a mystic piano soundscape that merges seamlessly with Benji’s mellow voice. ‘For You’ is about falling in love with someone special, but it’s a hard road when distance interferes, with your love being elsewhere.

A stripped back score is paired with Benji Lewis’ moody vocals to form ‘In Time’. This emotive track tugs at the heartstrings, and is the core of a reflective and emotional EP.

Home For Now is a beautifully honest EP that resonates with the listener with the themes of homecoming, a sense of place and belonging and journeys in life.

I packed up my life, put most of it in storage, and based myself in different locations for my music. At times I felt lonely, overwhelmed, I fell in love and also lost loved ones. This EP has stories of some of the biggest moments and feelings of my life in 2016, and just life in general. I think I was able to capture those and turn them into beautiful pieces of music with the help of Max [Golden Vessel] and definitely with the guidance of my manager Jez Ryan.
— Benji Lewis
The title of the EP came from talking over the changes I was going through; packing my life up and moving from place to place with my friend Mirella. She has always helped and guided me through the years. We talked about moving around a lot and to look at it in a way that no matter where I am, I look at the place I was staying at as home. So, wherever I was and continue to move, I would and still do say to myself, “I am home for now, this is home for now,” as a way of grounding myself for however long I am in that place.
— Benji Lewis