Benson - Hold Out (Feat. ZOLLY)

One of the funniest guys in music and party legend, Benson has dropped another banging single!

'Hold Out' transforms Benson's acid bass platform into a buoyant electro pop piece featuring ZOLLY's lavish lyrics. The single opens with an atmospheric aura, driven on by a rhythmic bass, and hallucinogenic sub beat. ZOLLY's rich vocals swell with the track's contempo cadence, before erupting into a whirl of sensational synths and sounds. Special guest, Touch Sensitive also features on 'Hold Out's backing bass, adding flair and further funk.

Benson, ZOLLY, and Touch Sensitive have nailed this one. I can't wait to hear 'Hold Out' live on Benson's Aussie tour. If you can secure your tickets, HERE.