Bluen - Dark Days EP

Haunting, and harrowing are the words that come to mind when first listening to Bluen's Dark Days EP. Bluen is a master of his craft. The Belgian based producer has constructed an ethereal narrative of emotions, capturing the lowest and most isolating points of the human condition. 

A gloomy and contemplative persona encompasses the EP. From Dark Days brooding opening, all the way through to its somber close. Bluen explores the complex emotion of grief. The use of crackling vocal samples allude to the overall heartache unveiled throughout the EP's duration. This recurring vocal sample is accompanied by vast, swirling pads that fill the echoing void. The use space and minimalistic production, creates a surreal aura transporting you to another time and place. 

Dark Days could quite easily be part of the Fallout or The Last Of Us game series with its secluded and forsaken feel. Bluen's ability to produce sensual ambience is a testament to the musician's artistry. I can't wait to see what this artist has in store for us in the future.