Broods - Don't Feed The Pop Monster

New Zealand musical siblings, Broods have released their long awaited record, Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. Over its 47 minute duration, the 12 track LP is an absorbing experience.

Opening Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is ‘Sucker’, a soaring single that blends a droning production with lush lyrics. ‘Why Do You Believe In Me’ encapsulates the essence of Broods’ musical aesthetic while retaining the darker sonics of the opening single. ‘Peach’ picks up the pace with vibrant vistas and lavish lyrical ensembles. Broods return to the somber soundscape with ‘Falling Apart’, a sedated aura gives way for vocoded vocals to dance unbridled. ‘Everytime You Go’s melds analogue and old school electro with modern textures. ‘Dust’ maintains the retro perspective with an emphasis on a indie pop sound. ‘Too Proud’ returns to an electro pop scene with a delectable duet. ‘To Belong’s’ minimalist production allows for Georgia’s vocals to shine. ‘Old Dog’ blends art pop with indie electro for an eclectic release. ‘Hospitalized’ sustains the indie electro vibe before erupting into a full blown groove. ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ again recoils back to Broods’ signature sound with a promenading production and sensuous vocals. ‘Life After Me’ closes Don’t Feed The Pop Monster with its dreamy melancholic character.

Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is a concoction of charismatic compositions designed to delight the listener. I’ll certainly be listening to cuts from the album on repeat.