BRUX - Bound To You

Sydney bass house producer and vocalist, BRUX has struck a chord with ‘Bound To You’.

‘Bound To You’ is equally atmospheric as it is club ready. The single explores the realm between artistic techno, ambience, and club focused bass house. BRUX defies the boundaries of traditional practice, instead opting into the avant-garde and embracing a modernist take on dance music. The dynamic and reformist production generates an ethereal domain for the listener to become engrossed in. ‘Bound To You’s cross-genre nature fractures the confines of conservatism, yet remains approachable for the wider audience. Through ‘Bound To You’, BRUX has achieved the prosperous parity between audacious artistry and commercial viability.

I’m a big fan of BRUX and her work, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

BRUX Demon Mask.jpg